Visa and Residence Permit

Explore the vital details of visas and residence permits for a hassle-free and legal stay in Turkey.

Visa and Residency Guidelines for Students

Visa Procedures

When embarking on your academic journey in Turkey, obtaining a student visa is a crucial step. To initiate this process, students must secure a student visa from the nearest Turkish Republic Consulate. Given that visa procedures can be time-consuming, it is imperative to apply for a student visa as soon as you receive your admission letter.

To check the specific Republic of Turkey visa requirements applicable to your country of citizenship, visit the official Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs website:

For added convenience, an online visa application option is available. Access the application portal at to streamline the application process.

Residence Permit Procedures

Upon your arrival in Turkey and after completing your university registration, securing a residence permit becomes a top priority. Navigate to to fill out the application form. Subsequently, attend the scheduled appointment at the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management or submit the necessary paperwork to your university’s international student office.

Throughout your stay in Turkey, your residence card, coupled with the foreign identification (YU) number obtained post-application, empowers you to conduct all formal transactions seamlessly.

Notably, if your residence card remains valid, it serves as authorization for entering or leaving Turkey, eliminating the need for a new visa. It is paramount to renew your residence permit well in advance of its expiration to ensure continuous authorization during your academic pursuit in Turkey.

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