Health Insurance Services

Navigating Student Health Insurance in Turkey-

Your Comprehensive Guide to Coverage, Benefits, and Well-being.

A Guide to Health Insurance Services for Students in Türkiye

As an international student in Turkey, ensuring access to quality healthcare is paramount for a successful and worry-free academic journey. Here’s a detailed overview of health insurance services available to students, along with the benefits and procedures for obtaining coverage:

Health Insurance Options:

Private Health Insurance:

Students have the option to choose private health insurance from any reputable agency.

Policies are specifically tailored for international students.

It’s important to note that coverage under private insurance is limited and applicable only in hospitals with which the insurance company has a contract.

General Health Insurance (GSS):

Administered by the Social Security Institution of the Republic of Turkey.

Provides the right to free treatment in all state hospitals across the country.

Covers prescription medications with a minimal contribution from the student.

Application for GSS must be made within three months following university registration.

Application Procedures:

Private Health Insurance:

Research and select a private health insurance agency based on your specific needs.

Review policy details, including coverage limits and network hospitals.

Contact the chosen agency to initiate the application process.

General Health Insurance (GSS):

Apply for GSS within the first three months following university registration.

Gather necessary documents, including residence permit details, passport, and university registration documents.

Visit the Social Security Institution or use their online platform for application.

Benefits of General Health Insurance (GSS):

Free Treatment:

Access to medical services in all state hospitals without additional charges.

Prescription Medications:

Minimal contribution for obtaining prescription medications.

Legal Requirement:

Renewing health insurance annually is a legal necessity for all students.

Financial Security:

Safeguards students from unexpected medical expenses.

University Health Centers (MEDİKO):

Basic Health Checks:

All universities in Turkey have their health centers, such as MEDİKO, where students can undergo basic health checks and medical examinations.

Access to Information:

Contact the relevant university departments for detailed information about the health center at your institution.

Pharmacies and Emergency Services:

Pharmacy Operating Hours:

Pharmacies typically operate until 19:00, excluding Sundays.

On-Duty Pharmacies:

On-duty pharmacies are available after regular hours and on Sundays in each city.

Emergency Services:

Hospitals and university health center emergency service units provide 24/7 assistance for emergencies.

Ambulance Services:

Call Center Number:

In case of emergencies, the toll-free call center number for ambulance services from anywhere in Turkey is 112.

Ensuring the well-being of international students is a priority, and comprehensive health insurance services in Turkey are designed to provide both financial security and quality healthcare. Take proactive steps to understand your options, apply for insurance, and make the most of the available healthcare resources during your academic journey in Turkey.

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